Pre-Existing Condition Fiction

September 30, 2020 stgblase

Biden repeats the same false claims about ObamaCare that Democrats use every election.

By The Editorial Board (Wall Street Journal)

Joe Biden claimed at Tuesday’s debate that “100 million people who have pre-existing conditions” will lose insurance if the Trump Administration wins an Affordable Care Act case at the Supreme Court. Democrats have terrified voters with this fiction for years, and Republican confusion has helped keep the fear alive. So let’s explain the reality one more time.

Stipulate first that the GOP attorneys general asking the court to strike down the Affordable Care Act are committing political malpractice. As we wrote Monday, Chief Justice John Roberts’s Court is not about to strike down the entire law, and Democrats know it. But the Trump Administration’s support of the lawsuit has handed Democrats a potent line of attack…


The Galen Institute’s Brian Blase pointed out last week that the Affordable Care Act is on track to cost taxpayers $1.8 trillion over the next decade, and too much of that goes to pay insurance companies for “healthy enrollees who need massive subsidies to afford the coverage that the ACA made much more expensive.” Republicans should run with this line of thinking: $1.8 trillion could be better deployed, particularly in directly helping the seriously ill.

President Trump deserves credit for his efforts to expand insurance options like health-reimbursement arrangements that allow workers to buy a plan with pretax dollars. And it’s a pity that his rule allowing more small businesses to band together to offer insurance (association health plans) has been ensnared in a court fight. Mr. Trump says he supports protecting those with pre-existing conditions, and his health-care executive order last week included several discrete good ideas.

But voters want a larger plan for how he’d help Americans in tough times pay their medical bills while allowing everyone else more portability and choice…

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